Cigees Review

The Brand

Cigees are a relatively new UK based e-cigarette company that has grown at an incredible rate making them a top 5 e-cig brand in the UK and prompting their recent move to a new fulfilment centre. The rapid growth is largely due to their heavily discounted prices (particularly their trial sets which are currently £6) so I thought it was time to take a closer look at what they had to offer.

The Products

Product wise Cigees have all bases covered with loads of different kits, batteries, chargers and cartomisers to choose from. They offer a particularly good selection of starter packs which cater for the casual to the heavier e-cig user, for example the £12 starter kit is great to get you started but for £48 you can get a massive kit equivalent to 200 normal cigarettes, it comes with 3 batteries and 12 cartomiser refills (5 menthol and 7 tobacco) plus you get 4 chargers (2 USB, 1 mains and 1 for the car) as well as a pouch and a case so all in all you would be fully covered going forward in terms of heavy use particularly with the 3 batteries, therefore the more advanced kit is well worth considering from the get go. Cigees do a higher end ‘Majestic’ e-cigarette which looks really cool in all black, they have larger batteries (1100 mah) and large cartomisers so are great for the more serious user. I would of liked a few more flavours for a bit of variety but as most people will be looking for the fairly standard tobacco and menthol varieties this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Quality wise all Cigees products seem to be top drawer, the e-cigarettes look and feel like the real thing and everything about them from the packaging to the e-cig itself looks and feels classy you really need to get your hands on them yourself to appreciate this, even the packaging looks and feels like a real cigarette packet with the flip back lid. Battery life is very good and charge times are relatively quick (about 2hrs). The e-cigs themselves taste great (very similar to a real cigarette) and they produce a realistic hit along with a decent amount of smoke without leaving the room engulfed, they have a really smooth taste and they don’t leave you with that dreaded dry throat.

cigees majestic starter kit

Cigees Majestic starter kit features a longer lasting battery battery and larger capacity cartomisers

The Prices

Price wise Cigees come up trumps  as you would expect from a firm supplying their own products direct and as such they have some of the best value e-cigarette products anywhere in the UK, for example you can get a starter pack containing 1 rechargeable 280mah battery, 2 high strength 16mg tobacco flavour cartomisers and a USB charger for just £12, they even throw in a free gift (pouch and lanyard). I could reel off great deals from Cigees all day but the best bet is to check out their website as they always seem to have deals on.

The Customer Service

I was pleasantly surprised at the contact options and hours of operation considering they are quite a new e-cig firm. You can contact them via a web form on their website or via email alternatively you can phone them (9AM – 4PM Mondays to Fridays), fairly standard stuff but good to know none the less.

Cigees ship worldwide and the delivery options are great with next day delivery (Royal Mail Special Delivery) available for UK purchases made before 12 noon and same day dispatch for all orders made by 4PM (including overseas). Shipping is pretty reasonable (usually around £4-8) but they currently offer free delivery for all UK customers on orders over £50 which is really handy.

Cigees offer a 30 day money back guarantee which is always nice for peace of mind.

The Verdict

On the whole I would highly recommend Cigees as they offer arguably the best e-cigarettes on the market at great prices with great service. The only downside is the lack of flavours but for most this will not be an issue as tobacco and menthol will be the choice for the majority I suspect and those flavours are done very well indeed.

JAC Vapour Series-B Tilt Review

The Series-B Tilt is a seriously small high but high quality looking box mod from JAC Vapour which has only been out a short time and I based on their previous form I was looking forward to taking a closer look.


In The Box

The Series-B Tilt comes packaged in a good quality compact box containing the following :-

  • SERIES-B TILT 40W box mod
  • USB charging lead
  • Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty

It’s good to see that JAC Vapour have included a decent instruction manual (very handy for new vapers).



  • Max output – 40 watts (VV or VW)
  • Requires 1x rechargeable IMR 18650 flat-top battery (20amp+ is recommended)
  • Resistance range – 0.2Ohm – 3.0Ohm (sub-ohm compatible)
  • Dimensions – 79mm (lower edge) x 22mm x 33mm
  • USB charging and pass-through capable (pass thru function requires a 20 Amp battery)
  • Input DC – 5v 1A/2A
  • Magnetic battery cover
  • Tank short display
  • Overcharge and high drain protection
  • Overheat protection cut off
  • Spring loaded positive pin
  • Cut off when power button is held for 15 secs



  • Standby mod (10 secs after last use)
  • 5 click on/off
  • Selection lock (hold + & – buttons simultaneously for 3 secs to lock/unlock)
  • Flip screen display for left or right handed use
  • Change variable voltage / wattage selection (3 clicks of power button)

All in all a great set of functions as you would expect from a premium box mod


OLED Screen Display Features

  • Battery capacity remaining
  • Coil resistance
  • Current wattage / voltage

The screen is nice and easy to read and clearly visable even in bright daylight, the ice blue on black adds to the stylish look as well.


Looks & Build Quality

The Series-B is the best looking vape mod I have seen to date it just looks like a high quality piece of manufacturing with it’s polished metal casing, high quality rubber grip and cool looking ice blue OLED display.

The top of the Series-B is at an angle so the tank tilts to the side which adds to the look significantly in my opinion making this box mod ultra distinctive.

The Series-B Tilt can power upto 40W and performs superbly however good batteries are highly recommended  (20amp + 18650).



Overall this is an amazing box mod with incredible looks specs and performance which I have no hesitation in recommending, just be sure to purchase a decent battery in order to get the most out of it.

JAC Vapour